About me

I was born in Wellington New Zealand and after finishing secondary school, worked in retail, became a student nurse, and also gained my first taste of working in an office. In 1975 I moved to Australia, and over the next couple of years, gave birth to three Australians (yes, I have twins) and for about the next 8 years, I was a busy stay at home mum. Nevertheless, I was heavily involved in school committees and other voluntary organizations, and also managed to fit in part-time study for a Diploma in Accounting.

By the mid eighties I was ready to venture back into the workforce, discovering first hand how PCs had revolutionized things in my absence, and soon found myself working in the midst of an uprising of accounting software packages. But by the early nineties, with a slowing economy impacting upon the computer industry and a change in my personal circumstances, it was time to look at other options, so once again I returned to study.

By the time I’d completed a Diploma in Freelance Journalism (and more or less knew that I wasn’t going to pursue a career as a journalist) I found my love of writing had been rekindled; yet, for the next 15 years, I put my creative writing to one side while I ran my own bookkeeping business. However it was during this period, that I really began to realize how power, money and greed, change personalities, shape businesses and almost destroy lives, and intuitively I felt it was only a matter of time before my career path would change yet again.

In 2004, I undertook a Certified Yoga Teacher Training course and since 2007 have been running my own Yoga Studio in country Victoria.  But, in 2010 when I returned to study and completed a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, I decided rather than taking up part-time teaching within the formal education sector, it was time to channel my energy into my yoga teaching and write a tongue in cheek book about my work experiences…


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